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A warm welcome to the world of PĪFERI,

Pīferi creates elegantly luxurious animal-free shoes. Our 100% vegan pumps, boots, sandals, cutaway mules and elegant flats put exceptional craftsmanship and sculptural rigor on par with a dedicated responsibility to sustaining our planet’s resources and all of its living beings.

Pīferi shoes sit at a unique junction of high style: with influences from the great masters of the 20th century including both Charles Jourdan and Courrèges, they read as conceptual in a sensual wardrobe, and sexy in a conceptual wardrobe. Pīferi were embraced by Harrods Shoe Heaven with an exclusive pop-up in October 2020, and awarded with “Launch of The Year” at the 2020 Footwear News Achievement Awards.

“PĪFERI are shoes that you desire for their look
and you respect for their values.”

- Founder and Creative Director, Alfredo Pīferi


“Even before I could walk, I was fascinated by shoes,” says Alfredo Pīferi. “The lines, arch of the foot, heel, the architecture of them as objects, as well as their functionality and sensuality are a strong obsession for me.”

After honing his craft at Versace designing women’s shoes, Alfredo worked for Burberry before becoming Head of Design at Jimmy Choo. Like it or not - and as a vegetarian Alfredo definitely did not like it – animal skins and bones are everyday components in shoemaking. “I soon realized I needed to create a brand aligned to all of my values.”

With a design vision as influenced by sculptural architecture, as it is by Disney’s more outré female characters, with a touch of 90s Helmut Lang for good measure, choosing Pīferi expresses a uniquely radical attitude layered beneath a pretty exterior.