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Pīferi creates luxury, animal-free designer shoes. Our 100% vegan pumps, boots, sandals, cutaway mules and flats put exceptional craftsmanship and sculptural rigour on par with a dedicated responsibility to sustaining our planet’s resources and all of its living beings.

Choosing Pīferi expresses a uniquely radical attitude layered beneath a charming exterior. 


                       LUXURY BEYOND LEATHER


Born from a mission to change the perception of leather-free footwear, Pīferi crafts timeless shoes combining outstanding design and values. Our unique perspective has demonstrated that beautiful luxury shoes can be animal-free and environmentally friendly. By using innovative, bio-based, and recycled earth-conscious materials, Pīferi is forging ahead and challenging the industry to adopt genuine ethics, innovation and sustainable practices. We are constantly striving to improve our processes and adopt the use of cutting-edge materials. (Read about our materialsOur goal isn't just to create luxury footwear; we also want to inform our customers about what we believe is the ultimate luxury: the luxury to choose to invest in items that match not only your style, but also your values.


‘Vegan shoes made divine’ isn't just Pīferi’s motto, it’s our core mission: changing the perception of vegan footwear by creating extraordinary, animal-free sustainable shoes. This has been my goal since the day I started Pīferi.

I’m intrigued by the sculptural potential of shoe design and fascinated by proportions and dynamic volumes. My designs are influenced by surrealism, architecture, and people I know in real life who act as muses to inspire my work from concept to creation.

My designs are streamlined and timeless. In my opinion, sustainable design starts right from the first sketch. When a pair of shoes is timeless it can accompany customers on their unique journey for many years to come and elude disposable trends.